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Welcome to Safety First (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our Company is formed on January 2005 as to provide quality services in the fields of safety security & fire fighting by a group of professionals and to meet the upgrowing demands of reliable services and better facilites (I.E introduction of FM-200, NOVAC-1230 water lessfiresupression systems which have far reaching advantages over other system widely use for sensitive equipments etc.) for marine fields as well as shore based establishments.

We have achieved ISO 9001-2008 Certificate on 14th Aug 2012.

Company activities in outline/principal

  • Study of the premises & the activities, & selection of the appropriate systems for the projects/ establishment.
  • Assessment & advice on required number of fire doors & emergency escapes in the premises.
  • Preparation of working and shop drawings for the different firefighting equipment & safety systems including mechanical systems & layout.
  • Assessment of the premises, human resources, store & inventories, walkways & exits, in order to evaluate potential danger & risks associated with them.
  • Choose the most suitable combination of the equipment for the rapid & effective extinguishing of the fire in the project.
  • Cost estimation for the firefighting for the projects & helping the entrepreneurs to choose the best with cost effectives.
  • Preparedness & training for the emergency medical services & provisions for immediate transfer to the hospital.
  • Procurement of the materials, equipment & installation, as designed.
  • Fitting, fixing & installing the whole fire-fighting systems & services, & supervision of the same.
  • Service & test, all equipment & installation of the whole fire-fighting system & services, to the satisfaction of the principal/client.

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